Publication Charging Policy

Journal of Social Sciences Development (JSSD) is managed under Asian Research Development (PVT) Limited. Globally, the publication costs and associated expenses of many journals are covered by different resources like sponsoring parties that include organizations, societies, and research groups and thus do not demand any publication charges. In the case of JSSD, there is no financial assistance and income sources to meet expenses associated with the publication process. JSSD is determined to index with well-reputed indexing agencies and ensures standard parameters to bring up the journal at par with international level. Journals use a variety of means to generate income required to meet publication costs including editorial costs, peer review, website maintenance, indexing costs, content registration, promotion, circulation, and production.

To meet the desired standards and secure the academic and financial scope of authors, JSSD recommends nominal publication charges to meet the journal’s expenses. JSSD charges fees in two phases wherein Rs. 5000/- are charged at the time of submission that will cover the article's initial desk review through experts along with similarity index. In the second phase, authors are charged Rs. 25000/- after acceptance of the article for publication based upon positive reviews from reviewers and their recommendations for publications that will cover the journal's overall expenses. The publication charges of the JSSD will help to further improve standards and pave the way towards inclusion in well-reputed indexing agencies like Scopus and Web of Science which is a dire need in contemporary competitive situations wherein researchers are desirous for publications.